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Celtic Rebel products will not leave your face and hands oily and greasy after use. Our products does not contain parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colours, or synthetic fragrances, are not tested on animals and never contain ingredients derived from animal sources.

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 Celtic Rebel products are the latest must-haves in the field of all things beard, mustache and cosmetics related, and we strive to make sure all of our products contain as many natural ingredients as possible. The natural trend is gaining lots of popularity due to the fact that people are agreeing that natural is better, especially when it comes to skincare and beard care, so the beard and the wonderful are making sure all the products they put out are exactly that!

The top 5 benefits of using Celtic Rebel products and why they stand out:

1: No side effects

Sometimes when beauty products contain preservatives that can harm and irritate your skin, this can also lead to breakouts and blocking your pores. When you switch over to something more natural, you’ll notice a difference in the way that your skin reacts to it, and you’ll less likely react badly to a natural product; so, the side effects are none.

2. All natural

Using The Beard and The Wonderful products will speak for itself in terms of the quality of the ingredients. They are all natural, meaning the ingredients are not chemically or synthetically made, they are however hand blended using organic balms and essential oils with no added preservatives.
For example: their Beard Taming Balm contains Shea Butter to add softness to the beard, Beeswax for more control and to sort out those hard to manage areas, and Hemp seed oil for extra softness and added scent.

3. A wide selection to choose from

Not only do we use natural ingredients in our products, we have a big range of different products to choose from! From balm to oils to products for your ear stretching and tattoos! When looking through the website and the reviews you should be able to find a product most suited for you and your needs, did we mention they are all natural too?

4. Compatible with all skin types

The Beard and the Wonderful beard products are perfect for all skin types. Whether your skin is dry and itchy underneath that beard hair or a bit more oily, using our face products should have no effect for the skin and the products will focus more on your beard. If anything, using oils and balms on your beard should improve the skin underneath!

5. Not tested on animals

None of the products that the beard and the wonderful use in their products are tested on animals in any way. They use the right blend of ingredients and tested by experts to know its safe to for human use without putting an animal in harms way! They know that you don’t need to test on an animal to have the best and safest ingredients possible.

So, now you know the information we hope you now know the benefits for switching over to more natural ingredients and hope you can find products to benefit your skin and beard! Click here to shop The Beard and the Wonderful:

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